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Melissa Drury, is the first to admit she is a fan of art in all its shapes and forms, including body art. However she is also passionate about providing her clients with a healthier, more effective option of a Non laser Tattoo removal method.

Her Skinial Studio opened in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast January 2014.

As the call for warmer weather beckoned she moved from Sydney with her husband and 3 young children to the Sunshine Coast in 2005.

After a long spanning nursing career of 25 years she traded her stethoscope in to join the rapidly evolving Anti-ageing and Cosmetic field of medicine.

With over a decade performing cosmetic treatments and with her passion and keen eye for detail, she obtained numerous certifications and accreditations for advanced injectable dermal fillers and laser rejuvenation.

Even though she possessed a laser certification license “ it was frustrating not being able to offer a safe and effective tattoo removal process, as experience demonstrated laser tattoo removal was inconsistent in results, usually just fading them and extremely painful”

Meeting Wendy Peters professionally in the cosmetic field,

Melissa was impressed with the Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal System.

It not only removed all colours, shapes and sizes but removed the ink from the body.


“The impact that an unwanted tattoo has on an individual can be enormous. It can affect career opportunities and relationships and self-esteem. So it is immensely satisfying to be able to offer Non Laser tattoo removal and erase these mistakes for clients and let them start anew”.

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