Introducing Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal on the Sunshine Coast

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Doonan, QLD 4562

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Wendy Peters opened her Skinial Tattoo Removal studio on the Sunshine Coast in 2013 and is now the Mastor Franchisee for Australia and New Zealand.  However her experience in Tattoo Removal goes back a few more years.

Wendy moved to the Sunshine Coast from the UK in 2004, and immediately noticed the amount of tattoos in Australia compared to the UK.  As well as setting up a Medical Practice on the Sunshine Coast with her husband, she also established her Cosmetic Tattoo business very successfully on the Coast.

Having completed thousands of Cosmetic tattoo treatments, Wendy came in to contact with many people requesting tattoo removal, on researching Wendy tried and tested some Non Laser Tattoo Removal methods with disappointing results, and having looked into Laser Tattoo Removal (and what it did to the ink in the body) was not comfortable to practice these methods. In 2012 during her continued Global search Wendy came across Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal and set about bringing this system to Australia and tattoo removal on the Sunshine Coast.

I trialled the system and found it did what dermatologists said it would; it removed the ink completely, and takes it out of the body safely.

Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal is now the largest Tattoo Removal Company internationally, and is growing along with the trend for tattoo removal.

A patch test precedes any full treatment to check how your body heals and that there are no allergic reactions, another advantage is that you can see in a couple of dots that all the ink has been removed from the body and what to expect during the treatment process.  Please bear in mind this is a natural solution, not a miracle solution for tattoo removal. Patience is required and absolute adherence to the after care instructions to achieve the best result.

Living on the Sunshine Coast in our tropical climate, where it is warm all year round means people are generally wearing skimpy summer clothing, so if they have a tattoo they don’t like, it is all the more distressing as it is always on show.

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